Top Selling Items on Amazon: A Guide to Finding Profitable Products

posted on 20 02 18

If you are thinking of selling the most bought items on Amazon or looking to add more best selling Amazon products to your listing, then this guide is for you. We know that figuring out the top selling items on Amazon can be a bit overwhelming. So, we have created this guide to help understand which products are the most sold items on Amazon .

How to choose top selling items on Amazon

In choosing top Amazon products , you should look for popularity and keep a broader perspective of profitability. There is no better place to begin your research than the source, Amazon itself. Unlike other online platforms, Amazon is acutely aware of the dynamic nature of e-commerce. As such, they offer an updated list of the best selling products every hour.

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The best way to choose bestselling Amazon products is by researching them. Proper research helps in determining those products with high demand and low competition. These products are referred to as profitable. Thus, you are presented with items that can trend and are starters in their product lifecycle. 

To carry out quality product research, you must know the difference between good and bad products. Good products should possess branding potential and a low bestseller ranking. They should also return a profit of 67% and have prices between $15 to $100. 

Bad products are largely sold on Amazon daily. It may alternatively be sold in other retail stores like Target or Walmart. You should also avoid trademarked and fragile products or those that require a lot of shipping preparation. 

For starters, search for interests, fun-activities, and issues as your research tactic. Secondly, check out your competitors to see the items they are selling. You could check out their catalogs, PPC campaigns, or giveaway or reviews. Finally, you could ask your suppliers about trending and top selling items.

To aid your item research, we have compiled tips that you would find very helpful:

  1. Create a product planner – A product planner is a resource that would give you ample opportunity to brainstorm, research, and calculate. It helps you keep track of your business effectively. You could do this manually, but we would recommend creating a Microsoft Excel sheet.
  2. Make a list of some product ideas - Ensure that the products on your list are not just popular, but are also profitable.
  3. Look for the products using a research tool - You could carry out research either manually or via a software tool like IO Scout Tool. We would recommend using software for this step because manual analysis may not provide you with an opportunity for in-depth and intelligent research. Make sure to look out for the product opportunity score and its listing quality score.
  4. Discover Amazon bestsellers – Check for potential bestselling items among the ideas you have. You could search for most sold items on Amazon or most bought products on Amazon.
  5. Carry out Amazon keyword research – You need to identify trends in keywords because they help you know what Amazon customers search for before buying any item. 
  6. Look for items that are not sold on Amazon - You could check other online selling platforms, such as e-Bay and Shopify.
  7. Research Amazon affiliates' most-promoted items – These products are popular and have a high-profit margin. It is pertinent to state that not all of them would be profitable for you. Therefore, you should pick carefully. You could visit sites like ShaverGuru or Youtube channels that promote Amazon products.
  8. Check out product reviews to discover most bought Amazon products – You could check out these reviews by visiting relevant or competitive product pages with tons of reviews.

It is essential to note that this list is not exhaustive. You could try other methods or tips. Also, don't forget to test your ideas to see how profitable they are. 

Finding bestselling products on Amazon with IO Scout Tool

IO Scout is one excellent tool to help you find top selling Amazon products. It helps in finding Amazon products with high-profit margins and low competition. It has a brilliant database comprising over 150 million Amazon products, which you have access to, and can track and analyze. Speaking of tracking products, it has a fantastic product tracker that allows you to monitor many products using bookmarks to get accurate data. It also allows you to create product groups that help monitor competitors, their products, or niches.

Bestselling items on Amazon

The bestselling categories include electronics, video games, books, clothing, shoes & jewelry, and camera & photo. Here's our compiled a list of some (potential) bestselling Amazon products.

  1. Stainless Steel Tumblers
  2. Yoga Mat
  3. Apple Slicer
  4. Silicone Baking Cups
  5. Marshmallow Roasting
  6. Instant pot
  7. Virtual Reality gadgets
  8. Silicone Spatula
  9. Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Game
  10. Alexa TV Remote
  11. Ear wax personal hygiene kits
  12. Grill Mat
  13. Video Games Gift Cards
  14. Pet Grooming Brush
  15. Vegetable spiralizer
  16. Pet nail clippers
  17. Laser engravers

There you have it! Our list of top selling Amazon items is not exhaustive. So, you can add other items as you explore which ones are most profitable for you.


We hope you found this article helpful and the tips actionable. Now, you should have all you need to launch your online business, make us proud! 

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