Make Money on Amazon - Four Ways to Get Started

posted on 20 02 02

If you are going through this guide, it is safe to say you know about the Amazon Marketplace. Maybe you just use the Amazon marketplace to purchase items or gifts, but did you know it is possible to make money on Amazon? 

Read on to learn how to earn with Amazon.

make money selling on amazon

Amazon FBA

The Amazon Marketplace actually offers several ways to make money, but for the sake of simplicity, we will lump it all together. Basically, if you have an item to sell that's being offered on Amazon, you can make money selling on Amazon. Amazon has a program for this called “Amazon FBA.”

Get started by listing your items in the right category, offer it at a competitive price in your category, and voila! You may have your first sale if you do it the right way 

Of all the strategies for making money online, selling your items on Amazon has got to be one of the simplest -- and foolproof systems. As long as you pick something that has a demand, and you price it well and describe it accurately yet enticingly with a convincing product copy, you're just about guaranteed to sell your item.

And best of all, until you sell it, you won't pay a cent of Amazon FBA fees. Only when you sell your item, will Amazon take out its share - which, admittedly is a sizeable chunk(especially when you start selling a lot). 

But then they do all the heavy lifting including advertising, shipping, and returns. This saves you lots of time since you don't have to worry about the most challenging parts of eCommerce.

Amazon Affiliate Program(Amazon Associates) 

Another program that Amazon offers for people to make money is through the program called the “Amazon Associates Program.” You can be an affiliate for Amazon through the program. 

Basically, simply advertise Amazon products on your website or anywhere you like, and wait for people to buy stuff. Once they do, you'll get a commission. It's even easier than selling things on Amazon Marketplace.

When promoting amazon products as an affiliate, you will be promoting your products through custom links provided by the program in order to make a qualified sale. After signing up for Amazon associates, the next line of action is to start with promotions to make a sale. 

There are many ways that you can use to do this. They are through PPC, article marketing, SEO, blogging, classified ads, and social marketing. With all these techniques, you can be able to make money with amazon. 

One of the cool ways to market amazon products with success is to do in-depth research on a product’s target audience, write a review on that product and build a following to read your reviews

Publish your books on the Kindle platform

If you are the author of an informational book of any kind, you can publish them for Kindle. It's not hard to get started on Kindle publishing, and you can have your products listed on Amazon practically in no time at all.

How much will you sell? It depends. However, selling your products is the least of your benefits. Being listed on Amazon gets you found on Google and will help with establishing yourself as an authority.

Publish physical books through Amazon's CreateSpace program

Finally, there is also the option of publishing your physical books on Amazon.com. This is another way on how to make money selling on amazon. Through its publishing arm CreateSpace, Amazon now makes it possible to publish and sell your very own physical book, or even your CD, DVD, and more. 

So, this is another way on how to make money with amazon. Not only will this method help you, but it will help increase your visibility and authority as well!

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