Helium 10 Review

posted on 20 02 27

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Helium 10 is another specialized software package for sellers on Amazon. It is an all-in-one package of several Amazon FBA tools that help with product research, SEO, refunds, inventory management, and fraud protection. Some of the major highlight of the functions of Helium 10 include;

·      Trend research

·      Keyword research

·      Inventory protection

·      Niche selection

·      Fraud protection

·      Competitor spying

·      Refund management

·      Listings optimization

·      Amazon index monitoring

All these are amazing features are why a lot of users refer to Helium 10 as the ultimate tool.

What makes Helium 10 valuable for Amazon Sellers?

The Helium 10 comes as Helium 10 app and the Helium 10 extension. And both offer users a good grasp of all the essential features involved in selling on Amazon. This is what makes Helium 10 valuable to a lot of sellers on Amazon.

Considering the increasing competition on Amazon, with over two million sellers, it is essential that, as a seller, you get all the tools you need to stand out. To achieve this, you need to find ways to be ahead of competitors. With Helium 10, most of the major challenges that come with Amazon FBA can be quickly addressed.

One of the problems Helium 10 addresses for sellers is identifying successful products on Amazon and getting the right metrics to decide on sales. Helium 10’s keyword and niche tools also help to come up with reports based on the analysis of demands and your competition on Amazon.

Also, another challenge for sellers on Amazon is SEO; getting your product on the first page of popular searches can be quite tedious if you don’t know how to get it done. This is another important function offered by Helium 10.

Instead of carrying out all your performance and sales analysis manually, Helium 10 allows you to automate this analysis and get your reports out in no time. With Helium 10 tools, you get to access a wide range of other functions.

Helium 10 Pricing

Currently, Helium 10 has five pricing plans. All of these come with different features. The pricing plan includes:

1.    The Free package ($0)

This package is mainly used to get familiar with the features of Helium 10, as it only allows a minimal usage of the features of the app.

2.    The ‘A la carte’ package ($17 – $97 per month)

This is a ‘pay as you use’ package. You only pay for the features used.

3.    The Platinum package ($97)

This package is the most suited if you have minimal selling needs. Most starters use this plan when they start selling on Amazon. It comes with unlimited use of some Helium 10 tools, Blackbox, Magnet, and Trendster plus 5,000 emails a month and alerts on 300 ASINS.

4.    The Diamond package ($197)

Once you begin to get higher sales, you can also begin to consider the Diamond package. The package allows you to track up to 5,000 keywords, alerting up to 600 ASINS, check up to 300 indexes. You can also automate up to 15,000 emails per month.

5.    The Elite package ($397)

Helium’s Elite plan is the highest package in the Helium 10 pricing. It offers you unlimited access to Helium 10 tools.

helium 10 pricing

Helium 10 Tools

Helium 10 also offers a wide array of amazing tools, some of these tools include;

·      Cerebro

Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool. Cerebro offers you all the information you need about a product’s chances of success on Amazon. It also offers you insights into keywords that the product is associated with.

·      Blackbox

This is the niche research tool offered by Helium 10. It allows sellers to dig deep into the opportunities of a product offering information on the existing competition, monthly sales information, and search volume.

·      Magnet

Magnet is Helium 10’s keyword research tool. The tool allows Amazon sellers to access all existing actionable keywords associated with a product. With Magnet, you can improve the visibility of your products to potential buyers.

Some of the details Magnet offers you information to include; High-volume keywords, Related keywords, Actionable keywords, Top products, word frequency.

·      Frankenstein

Frankenstein is another Helium 10 tool that allows you to emphasize keywords by removing unnecessary modifiers. This helps improve your SEO.

·      Scribbles

Scribbles allows you to get a perfectly optimized Amazon listing without going through the stress of manually tracking keywords you’ve used.

What Else is Included in Helium 10?

Apart from these tools, Helium 10 still offers other tools. Some of the most important include Keyword Rank Tracker, Refund Genie, Inventory Protector, Misspellenator, Hijacker Alert, etc. 

In all, Helium 10 is an amazing tool for Amazon FBA sellers, and you can be sure that it definitely is worth the cost.

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