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posted on 20 01 22

The Amazon FBA is a very competitive platform for sellers. Every seller wants to make their product popular on the platform. If you are a newbie, you may find it hard to have your product rank on the top of the first page upon search. However, this is possible after mastering how the Amazon sales rank works. 

The Amazon sales rank determines the amount of sales that you make on Amazon FBA. A slight fluctuation in this number can mean a gain or a loss of millions of dollars. As an Amazon FBA seller, you can love or hate it depending on how it works for you. The key to mastering and taking advantage of this building block of the FBA universe is the Amazon sales rank calculator

The value for the sales rank is listed as follows:

amazon sales rank calculator

Amazon sales rank - What is it?

The Amazon sales rank is a number that tells the popularity of a product in a particular category. Each product listed on Amazon for sale has an associated sales rank in its category. Some products however don’t have a sales rank. The value of the sales rank should range between 1 and 1 million+. The smaller the number, the better! A small value for Amazon sales rank means your product is more popular, hence, more sales. A higher value for the Amazon sales rank means your product is less popular, hence, less sales. You must be now desiring to know the value of the Amazon sales rank for your product. You can calculate this using the jungle scout estimator . For a good value of the Amazon sales rank , the range between two sales of your product should be as close as possible. 

Most Amazon FBA sellers are puzzled by this question- how can I improve the Amazon sales rank for my product and make more sales?

You must understand how the Amazon’s A9 algorithm works. Let us get into it!

The Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

The Amazon’s A9 algorithm is popularly referred to as the product search algorithm . The algorithm works differently compared to the Google’s algorithm. It determines the Amazon sales rank for your product. This in turn determines the amount of sales that you make which you can calculate using the Amazon sales calculator

When a potential buyer searches for an item on Amazon, the A9 algorithm follows two steps to return the results:

#1: First, the algorithm pulls relevant data from the catalogue. 

#2: Secondly, the algorithm ranks all the returned items based on their relevance. 

Always remember that Amazon wants to maximize the amount of revenue it collects from the customers. Due to this, the A9 algorithm is updated regularly. 

The goal of the A9 algorithm is to present the best items to the user upon search. The best items are determined by the search query issued by the user. The algorithm knows how to combine multiple relevance features that are kept in a catalog. 

Ranking Features

When ranking products, the Amazon’s A9 algorithm considers the following factors:

#1: Relevance- for your product to be ranked higher, it must be 100% relevant. You can achieve this by using the right keywords. Use the keywords that customers use to search for the product and the amazon sales estimator will show an increased number of sales for the product. 

#2: Conversion Rate- You can achieve a higher conversion rate for your product by considering factors like product price, customer reviews and image quality. 

#3: Customer Satisfaction- This is determined by the Order Defect Rate (ODR) for your product. 

How to Improve your Amazon Sales Rank

The fba Amazon calculator may not be showing a good value for your product sales. You can change this story by improving the Amazon sales rank for the product. Use these tips:

#1: Optimize the Product Title

Your product title will either attract or repel potential customers. Choose an informative and creative title and optimize it using the right keywords. Include the brand name, the product name and the product features in the title. 

#2: Make More Sales

Yes, you want to become a bestseller in your category in the first few days after listing the product, but many and consistent sales is a necessity. You can make extra sales by using techniques like low price entry, product giveaways and coupons. This will improve the Amazon sales rank for the product. 

#3: The Product Description is Key

Your potential customers will always view your product description. If you utilize it to the maximum, the Amazon sales calculator will show an improved sales rank. Put all the important features in the form of bullet points. 

#4: Use HD Images

Images convey a higher meaning that words. This is true on Amazon FBA. The product image should be 1000 pixels and above. Use common formats for the image, for example, PN, JPEG, GIF and TIFF. Avoid hyphens, spaces, underscore and special characters in your image name. 

No matter the amount of effort you put to improve the Amazon sales rank for your product, the Amazon sales rank estimator will return a low value if you use a low quality image. 

#5: Don’t forget Google

When you get used to amazon too much, you may forget about Google. Google is a great search engine that monitors the whole content of every website. If you consider it, you will improve your Amazon sales rank . Google indexes everything that you perform on Amazon. When you search for a product on Google, some Amazon listings will be displayed. This means that you should not ignore the Google SEO techniques when listing your product on Amazon. 

#6: Get the Sales Velocity

Immediately after listing your product on Amazon, make sure that you make good sales each day. You can use the Amazon sales estimator to know the amount of sales that you should anticipate to make each day. 

#7: Recent Sales have an Impact on BSR

The amount of recent sales that you make will have an impact on your Best sellers Rank (BSR). If you make good sales, your Amazon sales rank will improve. However, if you don’t maintain the trend, it will go down. 

#8: BSR is dependent on Season

Today, a product X may have a good BSR. This should not trick you to make an impromptu investment on the product. The Amazon sales calculator may show a different result for the same product come autumn or winter. 

#9: Focus on Orders not Units

BSR is dependent on orders but not units. An order of 20 units has the same impact on BSR as an order of 1 unit. You can verify this using the Amazon sales rank calculator

#10: BSR doesn’t drop Dramatically

Amazon understands that everybody has a bad day. This means that your BSR will not dramatically within a day if the Amazon sales calculator shows a bad value. However, you should always target to make good sales consistently. 


The Amazon sales rank is a number that tells how popular a product is in a particular category. Its value ranges between 1 and 1 million+. A smaller value is an indication that the product is more popular on Amazon. A higher value is an indication that the product is less popular on the platform. There are various ways through which one can improve the Amazon sales rank for their product. Products with a lower value of Amazon sales rank are listed on the top of the first page of Amazon upon search by users. 

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