Amazon Listing Optimization - Everything You Should Know

posted on 20 02 04

Amazon, a platform with over 300 million users is undoubtedly a desirable place to be for sellers. Amazon embraces a system that qualifies the best-selling products to perform better in search queries. The objective of the Amazon optimization service is to help sellers improve their sales on the buzzing platform.  

What is Amazon’s Algorithm?

Amazon's listing optimization tool otherwise referred to as A9. Other search engines like Google and Yahoo have their way of completing search queries, A9 is Amazon’s method of completing the same task. If you've ever searched for anything on the Amazon site then you've utilized this algorithm. 

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Elements of Amazon Product Listing

There are six elements correlated to the Amazon product listing. These elements are particularly important for outranking other sellers. It is important for sellers to have a thorough grasp of these guidelines, and to strive to adhere to every element related to their product listing. The elements include- 

Product Description: This is basically giving your buyers an insight into your product and why they should purchase them for so much. This clearly shows that a quality product description would most likely draw more customers to your business or bad ones could deter them. Your product description is your opportunity to tell the buyer how your product would affect their daily lives, also, why they should purchase it from you rather than from other competitors. A good product description is always concise and unambiguous. 

Product Features: To optimise Amazon listing, the manner in which product features are stated is very important. Findings indicate that top sellers on Amazon present product feature using bullet points. Bullet points aid readability as opposed to large paragraphs containing endless texts. Bullet points must encompass all outstanding features from your competitors. It's always best to keep it intriguing and convincing enough to persuade buyers to purchase from you. Inasmuch as it is good practice to use bullets, you wouldn't have to overuse them.

Product Title: The length of the product title is directly proportional to the number of characters it contains. Our surveys indicated that products with more than 80 characters ranked higher than their counterparts for every 1000 products. This clearly indicates that it's important to be thoughtful of your topic and ensure that it hits the 80+ characters mark. The image attached here is a very good example of a product title.

amazon optimization services

Product Reviews: A product review is very important to online shoppers. Experts maintain that products with 4.3 ratings with over 400 reviews would most likely sell than one with a 4.8 rating with only a few reviews. It is apparent that product reviews play a huge role in shaping the confidence of the buyer towards your product. It is of utmost importance to persuade buyers to leave their honest opinion on your product. 

Product Images: The image is very important for your product listing. The clearer the picture, the more convincing it appears to the buyer. Besides image clarity, the number of images to attach is also vital. 6 high definition pictures of your product in a white background taken from different angles would score a high mark. 

Product Ratings: Product reviews and ratings go hand in hand. As a result, the higher the reviews the higher the ratings. It's important to strive to stay in the 4 point bracket. 

The Top Amazon Listing Optimization Tools

IO Scout

This is a web tool, particularly developed for Amazon sellers. It helps the seller examine Amazon data in real-time. The seller is able to follow new products and examine another time on the product page.

Jungle Scout

This is a software designed to aid buyers research Amazon niche products and the potential that it poses. 

Seller App

It's a great tool that comes handy for sellers. The additional barcode scanner is an outstanding feature of this app. Sellers use this feature to scan items with their cell phones. This helps to preserve the record of scanned items for future reference. 

Amazon Listing Optimization Services 

Amazon listing optimization service is centred on the maximization of the keyword hierarchy with the sole aim of increasing conversion rate. Increased revenue and sales is a direct impact of Amazon optimization services.

How Can You Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing? 

To learn how to optimize Amazon listings, follow these guidelines -

  • Make Fulfillment by Amazon your primary choice.
  • Ensure that the seller’s name is included.
  • Use brand names.
  • Ensure that you have quality photos of the product.
  • Complete other gaps in the product edit page. 

Final Words

Optimization of your product page is what you need for your product to thrive in Amazon's buzzing marketplace. You've read the guidelines you need for your product listing, use these tips to outrank your competitors.

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