Helium 10 Review

posted on 20 02 27

helium 10 cerebro

Helium 10 is another specialized software package for sellers on Amazon. It is an all-in-one package of several Amazon FBA tools that help with product research, SEO, refunds, inventory management, and fraud protection. Some of the major highlight of the functions of Helium 10 include;

·      Trend research

·      Keyword research

·      Inventory protection

·      Niche selection

·      Fraud protection

·      Competitor spying

·      Refund management

·      Listings optimization

·      Amazon index monitoring

All these are amazing features are why a lot of users refer to Helium 10 as the ultimate tool.

What makes Helium 10 valuable for Amazon Sellers?

The Helium 10 comes as Helium 10 app and the Helium 10 extension. And both offer users a good grasp of all the essential features involved in selling on Amazon. This is what makes Helium 10 valuable to a lot of sellers on Amazon.

Considering the increasing competition on Amazon, with over two million sellers, it is essential that, as a seller, you get all the tools you need to stand out. To achieve this, you need to find ways to be ahead of competitors. With Helium 10, most of the major challenges that come with Amazon FBA can be quickly addressed.

One of the problems Helium 10 addresses for sellers is identifying successful products on Amazon and getting the right metrics to decide on sales. Helium 10’s keyword and niche tools also help to come up with reports based on the analysis of demands and your competition on Amazon.

Also, another challenge for sellers on Amazon is SEO; getting your product on the first page of popular searches can be quite tedious if you don’t know how to get it done. This is another important function offered by Helium 10.

Instead of carrying out all your performance and sales analysis manually, Helium 10 allows you to automate this analysis and get your reports out in no time. With Helium 10 tools, you get to access a wide range of other functions.

Helium 10 Pricing

Currently, Helium 10 has five pricing plans. All of these come with different features. The pricing plan includes:

1.    The Free package ($0)

This package is mainly used to get familiar with the features of Helium 10, as it only allows a minimal usage of the features of the app.

2.    The ‘A la carte’ package ($17 – $97 per month)

This is a ‘pay as you use’ package. You only pay for the features used.

3.    The Platinum package ($97)

This package is the most suited if you have minimal selling needs. Most starters use this plan when they start selling on Amazon. It comes with unlimited use of some Helium 10 tools, Blackbox, Magnet, and Trendster plus 5,000 emails a month and alerts on 300 ASINS.

4.    The Diamond package ($197)

Once you begin to get higher sales, you can also begin to consider the Diamond package. The package allows you to track up to 5,000 keywords, alerting up to 600 ASINS, check up to 300 indexes. You can also automate up to 15,000 emails per month.

5.    The Elite package ($397)

Helium’s Elite plan is the highest package in the Helium 10 pricing. It offers you unlimited access to Helium 10 tools.

helium 10 pricing

Helium 10 Tools

Helium 10 also offers a wide array of amazing tools, some of these tools include;

·      Cerebro

Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool. Cerebro offers you all the information you need about a product’s chances of success on Amazon. It also offers you insights into keywords that the product is associated with.

·      Blackbox

This is the niche research tool offered by Helium 10. It allows sellers to dig deep into the opportunities of a product offering information on the existing competition, monthly sales information, and search volume.

·      Magnet

Magnet is Helium 10’s keyword research tool. The tool allows Amazon sellers to access all existing actionable keywords associated with a product. With Magnet, you can improve the visibility of your products to potential buyers.

Some of the details Magnet offers you information to include; High-volume keywords, Related keywords, Actionable keywords, Top products, word frequency.

·      Frankenstein

Frankenstein is another Helium 10 tool that allows you to emphasize keywords by removing unnecessary modifiers. This helps improve your SEO.

·      Scribbles

Scribbles allows you to get a perfectly optimized Amazon listing without going through the stress of manually tracking keywords you’ve used.

What Else is Included in Helium 10?

Apart from these tools, Helium 10 still offers other tools. Some of the most important include Keyword Rank Tracker, Refund Genie, Inventory Protector, Misspellenator, Hijacker Alert, etc. 

In all, Helium 10 is an amazing tool for Amazon FBA sellers, and you can be sure that it definitely is worth the cost.

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Top Selling Items on Amazon: A Guide to Finding Profitable Products

posted on 20 02 18

If you are thinking of selling the most bought items on Amazon or looking to add more best selling Amazon products to your listing, then this guide is for you. We know that figuring out the top selling items on Amazon can be a bit overwhelming. So, we have created this guide to help understand which products are the most sold items on Amazon .

How to choose top selling items on Amazon

In choosing top Amazon products , you should look for popularity and keep a broader perspective of profitability. There is no better place to begin your research than the source, Amazon itself. Unlike other online platforms, Amazon is acutely aware of the dynamic nature of e-commerce. As such, they offer an updated list of the best selling products every hour.

best selling products

The best way to choose bestselling Amazon products is by researching them. Proper research helps in determining those products with high demand and low competition. These products are referred to as profitable. Thus, you are presented with items that can trend and are starters in their product lifecycle. 

To carry out quality product research, you must know the difference between good and bad products. Good products should possess branding potential and a low bestseller ranking. They should also return a profit of 67% and have prices between $15 to $100. 

Bad products are largely sold on Amazon daily. It may alternatively be sold in other retail stores like Target or Walmart. You should also avoid trademarked and fragile products or those that require a lot of shipping preparation. 

For starters, search for interests, fun-activities, and issues as your research tactic. Secondly, check out your competitors to see the items they are selling. You could check out their catalogs, PPC campaigns, or giveaway or reviews. Finally, you could ask your suppliers about trending and top selling items.

To aid your item research, we have compiled tips that you would find very helpful:

  1. Create a product planner – A product planner is a resource that would give you ample opportunity to brainstorm, research, and calculate. It helps you keep track of your business effectively. You could do this manually, but we would recommend creating a Microsoft Excel sheet.
  2. Make a list of some product ideas - Ensure that the products on your list are not just popular, but are also profitable.
  3. Look for the products using a research tool - You could carry out research either manually or via a software tool like IO Scout Tool. We would recommend using software for this step because manual analysis may not provide you with an opportunity for in-depth and intelligent research. Make sure to look out for the product opportunity score and its listing quality score.
  4. Discover Amazon bestsellers – Check for potential bestselling items among the ideas you have. You could search for most sold items on Amazon or most bought products on Amazon.
  5. Carry out Amazon keyword research – You need to identify trends in keywords because they help you know what Amazon customers search for before buying any item. 
  6. Look for items that are not sold on Amazon - You could check other online selling platforms, such as e-Bay and Shopify.
  7. Research Amazon affiliates' most-promoted items – These products are popular and have a high-profit margin. It is pertinent to state that not all of them would be profitable for you. Therefore, you should pick carefully. You could visit sites like ShaverGuru or Youtube channels that promote Amazon products.
  8. Check out product reviews to discover most bought Amazon products – You could check out these reviews by visiting relevant or competitive product pages with tons of reviews.

It is essential to note that this list is not exhaustive. You could try other methods or tips. Also, don't forget to test your ideas to see how profitable they are. 

Finding bestselling products on Amazon with IO Scout Tool

IO Scout is one excellent tool to help you find top selling Amazon products. It helps in finding Amazon products with high-profit margins and low competition. It has a brilliant database comprising over 150 million Amazon products, which you have access to, and can track and analyze. Speaking of tracking products, it has a fantastic product tracker that allows you to monitor many products using bookmarks to get accurate data. It also allows you to create product groups that help monitor competitors, their products, or niches.

Bestselling items on Amazon

The bestselling categories include electronics, video games, books, clothing, shoes & jewelry, and camera & photo. Here's our compiled a list of some (potential) bestselling Amazon products.

  1. Stainless Steel Tumblers
  2. Yoga Mat
  3. Apple Slicer
  4. Silicone Baking Cups
  5. Marshmallow Roasting
  6. Instant pot
  7. Virtual Reality gadgets
  8. Silicone Spatula
  9. Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Game
  10. Alexa TV Remote
  11. Ear wax personal hygiene kits
  12. Grill Mat
  13. Video Games Gift Cards
  14. Pet Grooming Brush
  15. Vegetable spiralizer
  16. Pet nail clippers
  17. Laser engravers

There you have it! Our list of top selling Amazon items is not exhaustive. So, you can add other items as you explore which ones are most profitable for you.


We hope you found this article helpful and the tips actionable. Now, you should have all you need to launch your online business, make us proud! 

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Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives (Free or Paid)

posted on 20 02 09

alternatives to jungle scout

If you are looking for a successful business on Amazon, seeking help is the need of time, especially for Amazon FBA sellers. They need to see the latest trends, seller ranks analysis, market analysis and so on. Looking out for all these things is very important if sales boost is needed get noticed by regular shoppers on Amazon.

Many Amazon product finding tools available and whenever we think about getting one, the only name that hits our minds is jungle scout. It is indeed the oldest and an effective tool available. You can use it as a web app and browser extension. It has unlimited options for entrepreneurs to maximize their sales.

Here we are going to give a quick review of other alternatives to get you started and give you a different approach.

1.    IO Scout

This tool helps you to identify products with low competition in high demand. If adding value to your products are required and a quick selling ratio. The state of the art filter system of IO Scout helps to arrange filters based on requirements. This filter system is excellent especially if searching a specific product niche is required. IO Scout helps to bookmark products. This software offers three packages pricing at $29, $49, and $69 according to your needs.

2.    Helium 10

Helium 10 is also a competitor of jungle scout. This is what makes it stand apart. By using its black-box tool, advanced filters can be applied to enhance results. Use Frankenstein tool to provide specific results. It provides keywords with high demand from its huge keywords database. Helium 10 is available for free.

3.    AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl is considered an amazing tool for promising business entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this tool is to grab practical ideas. This is very simple to utilize and anyone can use it without getting stuck. You can also lookout for the other ideas your competitors are using and get benefited by it as well.

4.    Jumpsend

This is by far a good tool to use if you are looking for expert ideas. Another thing which contributes in making this tool effective is that buyers are already available on this platform that means advertisements are no longer paid. It maintains constant sales so worrying about driving focus towards your product is no longer required.

5.    Unicorn Smasher

It is available on Google Chrome browser for free. It display deep analysis, sales, and reviews. All these things are being updated with regular intervals. Sellers can identify exact product niches with these insights. Another amazing thing is its dashboard feature. It shows the history of recent and old searches . They can also be downloaded to your system and use it as you please.

6.    Viral Launch

It is a reliable Amazon growth platform. It has a database of over 350 million amazon products which sets it apart from its other competitors. You can view any product by using previous data, algorithms and many other options. Viral lunch is able to provide results by utilizing a ASIN of a product. View different keywords through this feature. Use keywords manager for this purpose. Badly performing keywords can be changed or deleted.

7.    Keepa

It is also be used for help. It can also be used as an extension. It is free to use. It allows its users analyze search results according to their search criteria. Data can also be imported from amazon and keep on tracking. Notifications can also be enabled depending on your search criteria such as reviews etc.

8.    CamelCamelCamel

It is used widely by users around the world as a jungle scout alternative. Two options are available to use this tool, as an app or browser extension. camelcamelcamel is Amazon ‘s price tracking tool, especially for small businesses. It enables users to view lists of the common and in demand products and represents them with charts, graphs, and alerts by utilizing historic data to enhance visual representations.

9.    Sellics

It is considered a complex alternative. an overview of products are provided instead of specific analyses. What can be done is to analyze the statistics and see how you can improve it. Another useful features of this tool is that you can respond to customer’s feedback right from the dashboard and ensure customer loyalty.

10.    Sonar

This tool offers free services. If you are looking to hit specific products, you can always take help of it. With its enhanced keyword research , it is possible to find relevant keywords and get accurate help.This is really useful if you are a starter and looking for some help to get started.


Final Thoughts

All these tools are there for entrepreneurs to increase their selling velocity and ensure more revenue generation. It is who will decide which tool suits your requirements. we will recommend to take full advantage of these tools as they are here to help you out.


Description : Many Amazon product finding tools available and whenever we think about getting one, the only name that hits our minds is jungle scout. It is indeed the oldest and an effective tool available. You can use it as a web app and browser extension. It has unlimited options for entrepreneurs to maximize their sales.

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Amazon Listing Optimization - Everything You Should Know

posted on 20 02 04

Amazon, a platform with over 300 million users is undoubtedly a desirable place to be for sellers. Amazon embraces a system that qualifies the best-selling products to perform better in search queries. The objective of the Amazon optimization service is to help sellers improve their sales on the buzzing platform.  

What is Amazon’s Algorithm?

Amazon's listing optimization tool otherwise referred to as A9. Other search engines like Google and Yahoo have their way of completing search queries, A9 is Amazon’s method of completing the same task. If you've ever searched for anything on the Amazon site then you've utilized this algorithm. 

amazon optimization services

Elements of Amazon Product Listing

There are six elements correlated to the Amazon product listing. These elements are particularly important for outranking other sellers. It is important for sellers to have a thorough grasp of these guidelines, and to strive to adhere to every element related to their product listing. The elements include- 

Product Description: This is basically giving your buyers an insight into your product and why they should purchase them for so much. This clearly shows that a quality product description would most likely draw more customers to your business or bad ones could deter them. Your product description is your opportunity to tell the buyer how your product would affect their daily lives, also, why they should purchase it from you rather than from other competitors. A good product description is always concise and unambiguous. 

Product Features: To optimise Amazon listing, the manner in which product features are stated is very important. Findings indicate that top sellers on Amazon present product feature using bullet points. Bullet points aid readability as opposed to large paragraphs containing endless texts. Bullet points must encompass all outstanding features from your competitors. It's always best to keep it intriguing and convincing enough to persuade buyers to purchase from you. Inasmuch as it is good practice to use bullets, you wouldn't have to overuse them.

Product Title: The length of the product title is directly proportional to the number of characters it contains. Our surveys indicated that products with more than 80 characters ranked higher than their counterparts for every 1000 products. This clearly indicates that it's important to be thoughtful of your topic and ensure that it hits the 80+ characters mark. The image attached here is a very good example of a product title.

amazon optimization services

Product Reviews: A product review is very important to online shoppers. Experts maintain that products with 4.3 ratings with over 400 reviews would most likely sell than one with a 4.8 rating with only a few reviews. It is apparent that product reviews play a huge role in shaping the confidence of the buyer towards your product. It is of utmost importance to persuade buyers to leave their honest opinion on your product. 

Product Images: The image is very important for your product listing. The clearer the picture, the more convincing it appears to the buyer. Besides image clarity, the number of images to attach is also vital. 6 high definition pictures of your product in a white background taken from different angles would score a high mark. 

Product Ratings: Product reviews and ratings go hand in hand. As a result, the higher the reviews the higher the ratings. It's important to strive to stay in the 4 point bracket. 

The Top Amazon Listing Optimization Tools

IO Scout

This is a web tool, particularly developed for Amazon sellers. It helps the seller examine Amazon data in real-time. The seller is able to follow new products and examine another time on the product page.

Jungle Scout

This is a software designed to aid buyers research Amazon niche products and the potential that it poses. 

Seller App

It's a great tool that comes handy for sellers. The additional barcode scanner is an outstanding feature of this app. Sellers use this feature to scan items with their cell phones. This helps to preserve the record of scanned items for future reference. 

Amazon Listing Optimization Services 

Amazon listing optimization service is centred on the maximization of the keyword hierarchy with the sole aim of increasing conversion rate. Increased revenue and sales is a direct impact of Amazon optimization services.

How Can You Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing? 

To learn how to optimize Amazon listings, follow these guidelines -

  • Make Fulfillment by Amazon your primary choice.
  • Ensure that the seller’s name is included.
  • Use brand names.
  • Ensure that you have quality photos of the product.
  • Complete other gaps in the product edit page. 

Final Words

Optimization of your product page is what you need for your product to thrive in Amazon's buzzing marketplace. You've read the guidelines you need for your product listing, use these tips to outrank your competitors.

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Make Money on Amazon - Four Ways to Get Started

posted on 20 02 02

If you are going through this guide, it is safe to say you know about the Amazon Marketplace. Maybe you just use the Amazon marketplace to purchase items or gifts, but did you know it is possible to make money on Amazon? 

Read on to learn how to earn with Amazon.

make money selling on amazon

Amazon FBA

The Amazon Marketplace actually offers several ways to make money, but for the sake of simplicity, we will lump it all together. Basically, if you have an item to sell that's being offered on Amazon, you can make money selling on Amazon. Amazon has a program for this called “Amazon FBA.”

Get started by listing your items in the right category, offer it at a competitive price in your category, and voila! You may have your first sale if you do it the right way 

Of all the strategies for making money online, selling your items on Amazon has got to be one of the simplest -- and foolproof systems. As long as you pick something that has a demand, and you price it well and describe it accurately yet enticingly with a convincing product copy, you're just about guaranteed to sell your item.

And best of all, until you sell it, you won't pay a cent of Amazon FBA fees. Only when you sell your item, will Amazon take out its share - which, admittedly is a sizeable chunk(especially when you start selling a lot). 

But then they do all the heavy lifting including advertising, shipping, and returns. This saves you lots of time since you don't have to worry about the most challenging parts of eCommerce.

Amazon Affiliate Program(Amazon Associates) 

Another program that Amazon offers for people to make money is through the program called the “Amazon Associates Program.” You can be an affiliate for Amazon through the program. 

Basically, simply advertise Amazon products on your website or anywhere you like, and wait for people to buy stuff. Once they do, you'll get a commission. It's even easier than selling things on Amazon Marketplace.

When promoting amazon products as an affiliate, you will be promoting your products through custom links provided by the program in order to make a qualified sale. After signing up for Amazon associates, the next line of action is to start with promotions to make a sale. 

There are many ways that you can use to do this. They are through PPC, article marketing, SEO, blogging, classified ads, and social marketing. With all these techniques, you can be able to make money with amazon. 

One of the cool ways to market amazon products with success is to do in-depth research on a product’s target audience, write a review on that product and build a following to read your reviews

Publish your books on the Kindle platform

If you are the author of an informational book of any kind, you can publish them for Kindle. It's not hard to get started on Kindle publishing, and you can have your products listed on Amazon practically in no time at all.

How much will you sell? It depends. However, selling your products is the least of your benefits. Being listed on Amazon gets you found on Google and will help with establishing yourself as an authority.

Publish physical books through Amazon's CreateSpace program

Finally, there is also the option of publishing your physical books on Amazon.com. This is another way on how to make money selling on amazon. Through its publishing arm CreateSpace, Amazon now makes it possible to publish and sell your very own physical book, or even your CD, DVD, and more. 

So, this is another way on how to make money with amazon. Not only will this method help you, but it will help increase your visibility and authority as well!

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Amazon Sales Estimator / Sales Rank Calculator

posted on 20 01 22

The Amazon FBA is a very competitive platform for sellers. Every seller wants to make their product popular on the platform. If you are a newbie, you may find it hard to have your product rank on the top of the first page upon search. However, this is possible after mastering how the Amazon sales rank works. 

The Amazon sales rank determines the amount of sales that you make on Amazon FBA. A slight fluctuation in this number can mean a gain or a loss of millions of dollars. As an Amazon FBA seller, you can love or hate it depending on how it works for you. The key to mastering and taking advantage of this building block of the FBA universe is the Amazon sales rank calculator

The value for the sales rank is listed as follows:

amazon sales rank calculator

Amazon sales rank - What is it?

The Amazon sales rank is a number that tells the popularity of a product in a particular category. Each product listed on Amazon for sale has an associated sales rank in its category. Some products however don’t have a sales rank. The value of the sales rank should range between 1 and 1 million+. The smaller the number, the better! A small value for Amazon sales rank means your product is more popular, hence, more sales. A higher value for the Amazon sales rank means your product is less popular, hence, less sales. You must be now desiring to know the value of the Amazon sales rank for your product. You can calculate this using the jungle scout estimator . For a good value of the Amazon sales rank , the range between two sales of your product should be as close as possible. 

Most Amazon FBA sellers are puzzled by this question- how can I improve the Amazon sales rank for my product and make more sales?

You must understand how the Amazon’s A9 algorithm works. Let us get into it!

The Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

The Amazon’s A9 algorithm is popularly referred to as the product search algorithm . The algorithm works differently compared to the Google’s algorithm. It determines the Amazon sales rank for your product. This in turn determines the amount of sales that you make which you can calculate using the Amazon sales calculator

When a potential buyer searches for an item on Amazon, the A9 algorithm follows two steps to return the results:

#1: First, the algorithm pulls relevant data from the catalogue. 

#2: Secondly, the algorithm ranks all the returned items based on their relevance. 

Always remember that Amazon wants to maximize the amount of revenue it collects from the customers. Due to this, the A9 algorithm is updated regularly. 

The goal of the A9 algorithm is to present the best items to the user upon search. The best items are determined by the search query issued by the user. The algorithm knows how to combine multiple relevance features that are kept in a catalog. 

Ranking Features

When ranking products, the Amazon’s A9 algorithm considers the following factors:

#1: Relevance- for your product to be ranked higher, it must be 100% relevant. You can achieve this by using the right keywords. Use the keywords that customers use to search for the product and the amazon sales estimator will show an increased number of sales for the product. 

#2: Conversion Rate- You can achieve a higher conversion rate for your product by considering factors like product price, customer reviews and image quality. 

#3: Customer Satisfaction- This is determined by the Order Defect Rate (ODR) for your product. 

How to Improve your Amazon Sales Rank

The fba Amazon calculator may not be showing a good value for your product sales. You can change this story by improving the Amazon sales rank for the product. Use these tips:

#1: Optimize the Product Title

Your product title will either attract or repel potential customers. Choose an informative and creative title and optimize it using the right keywords. Include the brand name, the product name and the product features in the title. 

#2: Make More Sales

Yes, you want to become a bestseller in your category in the first few days after listing the product, but many and consistent sales is a necessity. You can make extra sales by using techniques like low price entry, product giveaways and coupons. This will improve the Amazon sales rank for the product. 

#3: The Product Description is Key

Your potential customers will always view your product description. If you utilize it to the maximum, the Amazon sales calculator will show an improved sales rank. Put all the important features in the form of bullet points. 

#4: Use HD Images

Images convey a higher meaning that words. This is true on Amazon FBA. The product image should be 1000 pixels and above. Use common formats for the image, for example, PN, JPEG, GIF and TIFF. Avoid hyphens, spaces, underscore and special characters in your image name. 

No matter the amount of effort you put to improve the Amazon sales rank for your product, the Amazon sales rank estimator will return a low value if you use a low quality image. 

#5: Don’t forget Google

When you get used to amazon too much, you may forget about Google. Google is a great search engine that monitors the whole content of every website. If you consider it, you will improve your Amazon sales rank . Google indexes everything that you perform on Amazon. When you search for a product on Google, some Amazon listings will be displayed. This means that you should not ignore the Google SEO techniques when listing your product on Amazon. 

#6: Get the Sales Velocity

Immediately after listing your product on Amazon, make sure that you make good sales each day. You can use the Amazon sales estimator to know the amount of sales that you should anticipate to make each day. 

#7: Recent Sales have an Impact on BSR

The amount of recent sales that you make will have an impact on your Best sellers Rank (BSR). If you make good sales, your Amazon sales rank will improve. However, if you don’t maintain the trend, it will go down. 

#8: BSR is dependent on Season

Today, a product X may have a good BSR. This should not trick you to make an impromptu investment on the product. The Amazon sales calculator may show a different result for the same product come autumn or winter. 

#9: Focus on Orders not Units

BSR is dependent on orders but not units. An order of 20 units has the same impact on BSR as an order of 1 unit. You can verify this using the Amazon sales rank calculator

#10: BSR doesn’t drop Dramatically

Amazon understands that everybody has a bad day. This means that your BSR will not dramatically within a day if the Amazon sales calculator shows a bad value. However, you should always target to make good sales consistently. 


The Amazon sales rank is a number that tells how popular a product is in a particular category. Its value ranges between 1 and 1 million+. A smaller value is an indication that the product is more popular on Amazon. A higher value is an indication that the product is less popular on the platform. There are various ways through which one can improve the Amazon sales rank for their product. Products with a lower value of Amazon sales rank are listed on the top of the first page of Amazon upon search by users. 

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